Wiki•Word•Spin is a full-featured anagram guessing game available for iPhone and iPad devices (iOS version 7 or later).

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Three editions of Wiki•Word•Spin are available:

The Unabridged Edition

The Abridged Edition

The Free Edition


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  • The Wiki•Word•Spin edition and version  (see the About page in the Wiki•Word•Spin app)
  • The iOS version  (see GeneralAbout in the settings app)
  • The type of device (iPhone or iPad)


This a new app, so no questions have been asked yet (frequently or otherwise).


Wiki•Word•Spin's dictionary is derived from Wiktionary and includes links back to each word's Wiktionary page.

The advantage of using Wiktionary is that it contains the latest English idom.  The disadvantage is that it's a wiki and thus contains a lot of trash.  Therefore you may notice that the Wiki•Word•Spin dictionary is not identical to Wiktionary.  Here's a summary of the differences:

  • Only the word definitions are included.  Etymologies, pronunciations, references, etc. are left out.
  • Not all words are included:
    • Wiktionary contains a lot of English definitions of foreign words.  While some of these words have been adopted by the English language, most have not and so are excluded.
    • Wictionary also defines a lot of acronyms.  These are excluded from Wiki•Word•Spin.
    • Latin terms are not included, even those that are commonly used by English speakers (with full knowledge that they are indeed Latin words).
    • Greek letters are included in the acacademic vocabulary, just for a bit of a challenge.
  • Not all definitions are included.  Each word is edited to remove:
    • duplicate definitions;
    • very short definitions that make no sense and have no examples or citations;
    • obscure or foreign currencies;
    • obscure or foreign units of measure;
    • nonsense definitions such as:  using the word to define itself, incorrect inflections, misspellings identified as "alternative" spellings, foreign words with the same spelling, etc.
  • Each word definition is classified by usage and subject according to Wiki•Word•Spin's vocabulary categories.  This often involves a judgement call:
    • idom or slang or neologism or abbreviation?
    • archaic or literary?
    • dialect or regional?
  • Some of these vocabulary categories are left out of Wiki•Word•Spin's dictionary:
    • archaisms
    • neologisms
    • dialect
    • abbreviations
    • slang is included only in the unabridged edition.
    • vulgarity is included only in the unabridged edition.